Who is Cross

Cross is the beginning of a new type of mechanical services business. Cross cares about you and the environments you want to protect, and believes that our job is important. Cross believes your trust must be earned, not given, through hard work, proven and consistent scheduling, “right-the-first-time” installs, and impeccable return or warranty servicing.

It can be difficult to find a friend you can trust in the mechanical business. Let Cross show you that you will never have to look for mechanical assistance again.

Communication and Respect

Cross strives to be in contact with you in all steps of the lifestyle of your mechanical DSX_02LRneeds. Whether we are who you called to install your units, or are swooping in to save the day with newly found maintenance needs, we do everything possible to keep you in the loop with the progress of our installations, the continuing condition of your units, and the possible needs of the future. With regular check-up maintenance, we can ensure that your business never stops because of foreseeable mechanical issues.

Longevity and Quality

Cross partners with only the best unit companies to ensure that all of your installed units are not only up to code, but will have the longest lasting life-span possible given your environment. You can trust that if Cross suggests a specific unit, that this was done with your specific needs in mind. We will never go out of our way to see you a certain type of equipment just to make an extra dollar.

Follow up and Observation

Just like people, to maintain proper health of a unit requires regular check-ups. CrossGM-ARUF_bw_LR is always willing to come out and take a look at your units to ensure that we can catch problems before they become severe. Waiting for a problem to happen isn’t how we do business and you shouldn’t have to either.